About Us

We are the drifters and dancers, the sun-worshipers and risk takers. We are the dreamers, the lovers, believers and change makers!

I have rid myself of clocks and live by the rising sun.  I walk off the beaten path and live on my own terms.  I fall in love with everyone I meet. I collect moments to cherish.

This is Nadbrad.  A collection of beauty; a lifestyle, a love.  

Homebase is a tiny house and tiny studio on Vancouver Island, Canada but we are a traveling storefront offering bohemian inspired goods and services.  During the summers we spend our time living on the road moving from music festival to music festival, meeting beautiful souls and sharing our goods.  An ever-changing collective of artists and energy workers, our community is always growing and all are invited to join.

-Nadie Gelata, founder

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